About Me

Welcome to one of my blog!

I am a creative with a passion for all that is art. I like the illustration, animation, design in their classical forms or even through the use of digital techniques. I love children’s literature and the edutainment world for the entertainment of children through content that is able to transmit values.

My artistic training, after obtaining the scientific degree, was consolidated by attending several courses, among which include a course of 2nd level of “Graphic Designer”, a course of “Computer Multimedia”, a course “HTML programmer,” two classes in live drawing, one at the Roman School of Comics and the other at the People’s University of Rome; three courses at the International School of Illustration “Stepan Zavrel” in Sàrmede: “Base Artwork – Mixed Media” and “One year to illustrate” both held by master Svjetlan Junakovic, and “Finding the right style” by author and illustrator Anna Castagnoli.

I attended also “The Entry-Level Course of Editorial Illustration”  at “Ars in Fabula” illustration school in Macerata.

In 2012 I obtained my bachelor’s degree in graphic design and multimedia design at the Faculty of Architecture of Rome “La Sapienza” with the thesis: “The educational entertainment in multimedia design.”

Thank you all,

Valentina Carboni